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TWIN2X2048-8500C5D - one stick fails memtest


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My PC was running fine without any problems, its usually on 24/7. I then went away for a month and during this period the PC was off. I came back last week and since then I have been having problems with my PC. It started with random BSODs. I then tried reinstalling XP Pro and that didn't solve the problem. I thought maybe the HDD was at fault and so I bought a brand new drive this weekend just gone and still I was getting these random BSODs. After running memtest errors were being reported straight away - something about data not being accurately stored in the RAM. I then tried using one stick at a time - one of the sticks is working fine and the other comes up with the same error in memtest. I run the memory at default speed (1066MHz) and at 2.20V as written on the sticks.

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