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I need some help please.


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I cant get this setup to work with both sticks. They came as a pair of XMS2-8500 2048MB 1066MHz 2.10V Ver1.1 Dominator. (timings 5-5-5-15) I have tried to find the bios settings for these sticks on these forums but I cant find the exact set up that matches mine. I was told by the re seller that this motherboard would not need any tweeking to makle it work. I'm not into this oc stuff its way over my head. I just want it to go fast :D:


Can someone offer me a bios setup to make this expensive doorstop run at least close to its full potential?


At present I have the Dram Voltage set manualy to 2.1V and the timings set manualy. But when I put the second stick in the POST stops at DET RAM so with both sticks in I cant get to the bios. With bios defaults loaded it still fails the POST. I have run memtest on both sticks with no errors.

Thanks in advance.

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insert one module and enter the bios.

load up setup defaults, save and exit the bios.


re-enter the bios again and insert these settings:



Configure System Performance Settings

CPU Level Up - Auto
AI Overclock Tuner - Manual
CPU Ratio Control - Manual
Ratio CMOS setting - 8
FSB Frequency - 333
FSB Strap to NB - 333
PCIE Freq - 100

DRAM Freq DDR2 - 1066mhz
DRAM Command Rate - 2T
DRAM Timing Control - Manual
CAS - 5
RAS# to CAS# - 5
RAS to Precharge - 5
RAS Active Time - 15
tFRC - 52

All else set to Auto


CPU Voltage - Auto
CPU PLL Voltage - Auto
NB Voltage - +1.5 volt
DRAM Voltage - 2.1v 

All else set to Auto

FSB Term Voltage - Auto
SB Voltage - Auto
Loadline Calibration - Disabled
CPU GTL Ref - Auto
NB GTL Ref - Auto
DDR2 channel A auto
DDR2 channel b auto
DDR2 Controller auto
SB 1.5v auto

Set all Spread Spectrum to Disabled


now save the bios and shutdown the pc. insert the 2nd module and run memtest for 2 full passes. post cpu-z screenshots when you have passed memtest.

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