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I too have a P5NSLI board - but mine has been running just fine. However, i just ordered some more memory, CM2X1024 - 5400C4, and had added it the other night to my board. So i was running basically 4gb of memory - even though we know windows only recognizes 3gb of it. 2gb were of the Corsair Value select @ 667 and the other 2 gb i just posted. But i seemed to have the same problem you did, but not until about 24 hours later. I put the 2gb of the XMS2 in the front yellow slots A and the corsair value select in the two black slots B. Anyway, my computer would turn on, but not boot up. I don't know why it is doing this, it hasn't even been 2 days. anyway, i removed the value select - no boot up. Then i put the value select back in the two yellow slots and took the XMS2 out - Success. once again the computer booted up no problem. I have been working at a computer store the last couple of years and everything I know about memory in this capacity is to take the other stuff out and try it again, or find another stick of memory you know that works and is compatible, and see if it fixes the boot up problem....more than likely you have a defunct problem and the stick of ram is no good....Well, how can that be, i just bought it???


Well, i have the same question and IDK the answer to that. The memory i just bought and that was shipped to me worked when i put it in, and not even 24 hours later, my computer fails to boot up but when i take the memory out i installed it comes back to normal...WEIRD and irritating. My guess is still that i have a bad RAM module and will have to send it in for warranty...but i need to try both individual sticks to see if it is one or both of them...hope this helps...RAM GUY let me know if i am wrong please.

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