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Returning modules from out of the country


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Dear Ram Guy


I bought Corsair XMS2 Twin2x2048-6400PRO (it's a kit of 2 memory modules 1GB each) from pro.sunrise.ru (it's on Corsair retailers list) on may 22 2007 in Moscow, Russia. My desktop computer system has been giving me a lot of BSODs lately. I have checked everything, including memory modules. I used Memtest 86+ ver 2.01. It showed me a lot of memory module errors. So I pulled one of the modules out and shecked them separately, one after another, in the same slot for 2 hours each. The test showed that one of the modules is in the perfect condition, and the other one is bad, giving lots of errors. I took the modules to the store, which sold me the memory kit (since the store warranty period is not over yet). They tested the memory modules and confirmed that they are bad.


Here comes the reason why I write to you. Since there has been a so called "global crysis", and the store is experiencing some financial problems, the store warranty department agreed to exchange the modules, but they could not promise me that there would be any delivery of the same type of modules in the future, for 2 or maybe more months. Those modules are from qualified vendor list (QVL) for Asus P5B-E Plus motherboard and I don't feel like replacing them with Micron, ******** or Hynix memory modules. The question is, whether there is any other company that can take the responsibility to test and replace those memory modules from Corsair's name in Moscow, Russia? Shipping the modules overseas is not worth it (the modules nowadays cost the same or even less than a shipment fee). Please help me to resolve this issue.


I would really like to receive your advice on my case, because I wrote a letter to Corsair tech support on November 13 and haven't got any response from them yet.

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This would be an question that our RMA department would need to answer. From technical support I do not have any of the information that you are looking for. Please contact our customer service at 888-222-4346 and dial "0", (510) 657-8747 or email rmaservice@corsairmemory.com and they should be able to help!
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