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getting 2 pairs of TWIN2X4096-8500C5D to work


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I am new at all this. I bought this hardware with some help from a friend, long story short, I can't use DIMM slots 2/4. I'm no serious gamer or enthusiast but i'm always up to learning. Please Help!


I have the Dominator twin2x4096 memory, 2 kits(8G), and once i install the second set of RAM my system won't boot. I know you should O/C this memory, which is fine, I just want good performance and most importantly stability. Half of the stuff i read i don't completely understand but at this point i just really want some answers on what to do.



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I think you just answered my question for me but just to qualify my question I was asking if running all four slots with memory is what damages the controller by outstripping its capabilities using four modules or if it was the fact that running 4 modules in excess of 1333 I.E 1600 is what would damage the bridge or if it was some sort of voltage limit within the bridge that was the problem.


I.E What causes the damage to the bridge when running four modules such as two TWIN3X2048-1600C7DHX together?


Cheers in advance and thanks for your patience ( Still learning )


Please research this thread:




The issue is the On Motherboard (Intel) memory controller and a population of all four banks at the full speed of a two bank run. This issue is across the board with both Nvidia and Intel chipset based boards, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3.


Keep in mind that issues can arise in the longer term. The issues seldom damage the DRAM. They damage the on motherboard memory controller which has a harder time keeping up with the demands of a four DRAM slot population being run as fast as a two DRAM slot population. Those who want to be secure in their system either purchase a single kit of the DRAM capacity that the four singles have or they move to a higher bandwidth DRAM and drop the bandwidth. I also advise it as I have personally seen the issues that can and often do arise with a four DRAM slot population running at the full speed of a single kit speed.


So, if you read the link, please post back in here and I will see if I can help you to get stable with the 8GB. :):

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ok DerekT I understand a lil bit more but I have to get some of these programs that allow me to monitor/tweek. But as of yet i can't answer the questions just yet until i get into my bios and look around. SHould i udate my bios first or is it not necessary.


Where would you suggest i start?


And what monitor or tweek software should i use?



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