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Asus Rampage and TWIN2X2048-8500C5D Standby Problem


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I just received my second RMA'd chips from Corsair today. So after installing them and changing a few settings in the bios, I managed to get them running at 1066 just fine. I still haven't used memtest yet but the problem I'm having now is that when my computer goes into stand by, it won't resume and if it does, I get a blue screen. Can any of you tell me what settings I need to change in my bios to get them running right? If I change the suspend mode in the bios to S1, it seems to better the problem with the exception that none of the fans in my case turn off like when I use S3 instead.


One more thing, I was previously running DDR2 800 also from Corsair and I wasn't having this problem.

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