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12+ rail shows only .32 volts


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Hi all,


Just finished building a new rig. After assembling it, everything is fine. I installed the 650TX Corsair psu. After using two monitoring programs, the 12+ rail readout from these programs returns a value of about .32 volts...way, way under 12V where it should be.


The computer seems to work fine, but the low value readout has me concerned. Two programs show the value of .32 to .38 volts, so I don't think it has to do with the programs. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.


The -12Volt rail shows a value of around -16.77. What's going on?


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The -12 Volts is not present on all ATX 2.3 PSU's and the 12 Volt rail if it was at that voltage the system would not post please check in the BIOS and see what is says in Hardware monitor.


I checked my bios and it says that the +12 Volt rail is running at 12.26V which takes a load off of my mind. So the wrong readings from the monitoring software I'm using can't post the real numbers, right?


If so, I guess I don't understand. Is it because the info can't be read by these programs? Thanks for your help and quick reply. :biggrin:

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The programs aren't looking at the right data from the BIOS, that's all.
You're right. The two programs that I was using to check the +12 rail couldn't read the data. But I used another one that came with my mobo and it read the voltages just fine. The Corsair 650TX was giving me a nice 12.26 volts.


That's a big relief off of my mind because that .32 reading was beginning to worry me. :laughing:

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