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TW3X4G1800C8DF Striker 2 Extreme HEEELP


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Hello all,


sorry i am a noob, and i also dont have big claims to my system in things of overclocking, i want it stable in priority, even it could run faster.

i tried so many different rams, mushkin, ocz Nvidia verified; not really working.

so now i orderd 2x2GB corsair TW3X4G1800C8DF because a friend told me they are the best, and corsair QVL is ok, but when i read the forum, i feel sick already, because i cant imagine that they run smooth on auto. sure i am able to do some settings in my bios (i have the latest version).

so my question is, does anyone have a clue to keep them running at ANY speed ? i dont want to waist my time and get frustrated by not keeping them running. it was stupid to buy the striker 2 extreme, bcs its a nightmare to find the right ram, but i have to cope with it now and have to get the best out of it. i dont wanna spred panic bevore having installed the ram, but they arrive tomorrow and CoD 5 (world at war Game) also arrives in about 2 days, thats why i upgraded my system to the "max".

any help is appreciated please make sure, that a 14 year old kid is able to understand it (even i am nearly 40 :P )



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ok, i got my 2x2GB kit fitted, i tried first 1 kit of 2GB, worked fine than i fitted the other kit inside, so far so good CPU-Z is showing a DRAM Frequenzy of 666,0-667,3. well as long as its stable, it would mean its better than all the other crap i tried before.

i have no idea how fast i can make it run, but 666mhz doesnt seem to me that big of a deal :confused:

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