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timings missing?


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I keep reading and searching but I guess either I am missing it, or it's not here.

The settings I am seeing in my bios (501) are not what is being posted. I don't even have some of the values available that I see on this forum. I know that this memory works on my board, but it's not happening for me. I have RMAd the board once and even changed RAM. So now I am hoping someone here can fix me. I can boot to safe mode no probs, but lock up every time in normal. This has been going on since Oct 5...need help please!

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I am sure this is more than what you are asking for, but I put it all in here with the sub-menus as well:


CPU Level Up : Auto

Memory level Up : Auto


AI Overclock Tuner : Auto

CPU Ratio Setting : Auto

CPU Configuration


Manufacturer : Intel

Brand String: Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q9550 @ 2.83 Ghz

Frequency: 2.71Ghz

FSB Speed: 1333Mhz

Cache L1: 32Kb

Cache L2: 6144KB

Ratio Status: Unlocked (Max :08.5, Min:06.0)

Ratio Actual Value: 6

CPUID: 1067A

CPU Ratio Setting: Auto

C1E Support: Disabled

CPU TM Function: Enabled

Intel® Speedstep Tech: Disabled

MAX CPUID Value Limit: Enabled

Vanderpool Technology: Enabled

Execute Disable Bit: Enabled

Core Multi-Processing: Enabled


CPU Clock Skew: Auto

NB Clock Skew: Auto

FSB Strap to North Bridge: Auto

DRAM Frequency: DDR3-*1800MHz*

DRAM Command Rate:2N

DRAM Timing Control: Manual


1st information : 8-8-8-25-5-88-12-6

CAS# Latency: 8 DRAM Clocks

RAS# to CAS# Delay: 8 DRAM Clocks

RAS# PRE Time: 8DRAM Clocks

RAS# ACT Time: 24 DRAM Clocks

RAS# to RAS# Delay: Auto

REF Cycle Time: Auto

Write Recovery Time: Auto

Read to Pre Time: Auto


2nd Information : 9-6-6-4-7-4-7

Read to Write Delay(S/D): Auto

Write to Read Delay(S): Auto

Write to Read Delay(D): Auto

READ to Read Delay(S): Auto

Read to Read Delay(D): Auto

Write to Write Delay(S): Auto

Write to Write Delay(D): Auto


3rd information: 24-8-1-9-9

Write to Pre Delay: Auto

Read to Pre Delay: Auto

Pre to Pre Delay: Auto

All Pre to ACT Delay: Auto

All Pre to Ref Delay: Auto


DRAM Static Read Control: Auto

DRAM Dynamic Write Control: Auto

DRAM Skew Control

DRAM CMD Skew on Channel A: Auto

DRAM CLK Skew on DIMM A1: Auto

DRAM CLK Skew on DIMM A2: Auto

DRAM CTL Skew on DIMM A1: Auto

DRAM CTL Skew on DIMM A2: Auto


DRAM CMD Skew on Channel B: Auto

DRAM CLK Skew on DIMM B1: Auto

DRAM CLK Skew on DIMM B2: Auto

DRAM CTL Skew on DIMM B1: Auto

DRAM CTL Skew on DIMM B2: Auto


AI Clock Twister: Auto

AI Transaction Booster: Auto

C/P : A1 A2 |B1 B2

LVL : 07 07 | 07 07



EPU II Phase Control: Auto


CPU Voltage: Auto

Load-Line Calibration: Auto

CPU PLL Voltage: Auto

FSB Termination Voltage: Auto

CPU GTLVref(0): Auto

CPU GTLVref(1): Auto

CPU GTLVref(2): Auto

CPU GTLVref(3): Auto

NB GTLVref: Auto

North Bridge Voltage: Auto

DRAM Voltage: 1.80256

NB DDRVewf: Auto

DDR3 ChannelA Vref: Auto

DDR3 ChannelB Vref: Auto

South Bridge 1.5 Voltage: Auto

South Bridge 1.05 Voltage: Auto



CPU Spread Spectrum: Auto

PCIE Spread Spectrum: Auto



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Your problem is that you are trying to run the DRAM higher than the FSB and this is not acceptable to Intel standards unless you overclock. You would need a FSB of 450Mhz to reach 1800Mhz on the DRAM. Your FSB is currently set to stock @ 333Mhz and as such can only run with a 1333Mhz DRAM speed, but you are setting the DRAM speed to 1800Mhz and this is bringing about the instability.
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