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2 pairs of TWIN2X2048-8500C5D on ECS C19-A SLI MB


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For 2 years I've been more than happy running Corsair's XMS2 4x512 on my customized WinXP Media Center machine... but since I've decided to change to a dual boot (or more - WinXP, Linux, & maybe Win7), I've already installed 4x1024 Dominator (2 Twin2x2048-8500C5D G) modules. Even though WinXP can not natively utilize 4 GB of RAM, the Mother Board apparently can and the hardware appears compatible and is working fine. But...


Can anyone here clue me into any BIOS settings that might increase the efficiency of the interaction between the C19-A SLI Mother Board, the 3.2 Ghz Pentium D 940, the Doninators, and the rest of my system. Any advise will be taken seriously and (most of it) :winking: appreciated. Thanks

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The issue is that the DRAM is far too fast for the processor. You are running a native 200Mhz (800Mhz Quad Pumped) processor and a native 533Mhz (1066Mhz Double Pumped) DRAM. The P4 is far to slow to make use of the extra bandwidth. Until you use a faster CPU, you are stuck at the CPU as a bottleneck. The motherboard can not accept a Core 2 CPU so you are stuck.


My advice? Wait three months or so as the release of Intel's newest CPU (Nehalem i7) will be released. Core 2 CPUs and motherboards will drop in price and you will be able to buy a good fast cpu and motherboard to go with that fast DRAM. Until then, you just have to suck it up.

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Thanks for taking the time to comment DerekT.


But while my DRAM is maybe too fast for the processor, a couple of years ago Corsair and Nvidia worked on Enhanced Performance Profiles, or EPP to allow optimum (read here "safe overclocking") on components that support the protocol.


Fortunately for me, both the C19-A_SLI board and the Dominator memory are compliant. By looking at the BIOS -> Advanced Chipset Features -> Performance Options - you can see what performance increasing "tweaks" can be SAFELY made. Here's a screenshot...



You'll notice both the (Target) Memory Speed and Timings show the levels of each can be safely "pushed". Further, although the DIMM Voltage Control is set to 1.80v, that can be increased to 2.20V on one of the next sub-screens.


This is important because running CPU-Z shows me that to achieve EPP for my machine the DIMM voltage needs to be set at 2.100v. See here...



So, it's really the max bandwidth that I'm unsure of at this point. Is the EPP functioning as intended? If so all should be good... if not, you're right, I will have to wait another month or three.


Thanks again for your post. BTW, here's one of the first press on EPP...


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Let me be more clear. Of course I know what EPP stands for but it is a moot point.




A four lane highway that can handle 1000 cars per hour. (theoretical) EPP, etc.


Only 400 cars per hour will ever travel that highway as the entry to the highway will only allow 400 cars per hour. (actual).


Consider your processor the entry and the highway the bandwidth with the cars being the data.


Is that clearer?

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