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P5Q Pro and 4gb of TWIN2X2048-5400C4


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Hi as in the title I have an asus P5Q-PRO and 4gb worth of TWIN2X2048-5400C4


According to the manual the ram is not supported and my system used to be fine but now it just keeps dieing (to be honest though it has not really been stable since i got the new motherboard) so I ran memtest and test 4 spat out 6000 errors when I had all 4 gigs in... im not testing each stick individually but should there really be a problem with compatibility, will i have to buy new ram?


Thanks for the help,



Edit: I just noticed that I had two different revisions (i think). On the second line two say 1.90V ver 7.1 and the other two say XMS5402v5.2. Is that going to cause a problem?


Edit #2: Having run each stick individually have narrowed it down to one of the 7.1 versions. Interestingly the other 7.1 module works fine. Quite happy I have found the error though :D

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