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[FONT=Tahoma]About a year ago I mistakenly purchased a stick of Corsair CMX512-3200LL not realizing that I wouldn't net the full 6.4GB/s memory bandwidth with my 533MHz FSB P4. However, just this week I purchased an 800MHz FSB P4, and so grabbed another stick of the CMX512-3200LL to go with the earlier one. Well, when I compared the two sticks to make sure of what I was getting myself into, I noticed that the earlier stick bought March '03 has a part number appended "v1.1", and the newer stick had the same number appended "v1.2". Is there any kind of drastic revision history between these two modules that's gonna wreak havoc with my overhauled box? Just to satisfy any latent curiosity, here's a few specs, though it's not done being built yet: 3.06GHz P4 -> 3.2GHz P4 1GB DDR 333MHz -> 1GB DDR 400MHz MSI 875 Neo -> MSI 865 Neo 2 It was just time for an upgrade...[/FONT]
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