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HX 620 or HX 1000


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Hey Everyone,


I will be embarking on a new build with an X58 chipset in the very near future and was wondering if an hx 620 would have enough to power the new rig. My original thought was to go for the HX 1000, but I'm wondering if that would be overkill. The configurator recommends the HX 620 for 1 4870 x2 but the HX 1000 for a Crossfire configuration. If I'm thinking of doing a Crossfire configuration in the future, should I just splurge and go for the HX 1000? My proposed system specs are below


X58 board (Asus P6T for example)

i7 Core 920

Radeon HD 4870 x2 (Might Crossfire this in a year or two)

300gb Velociraptor

2x 1TB Hard drives

Blu Ray Drive



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Thanks for the quick response and reply RAM GUY!


I would definately like to go with a modular HX1000 as opposed to the TX750. My question now turns to clearance in my case of choice, the Lian Li PC-60FWB.


From the pictures I've seen, the HX620 fits no problem, but I haven't heard if the HX1000 will fit or not. Lian li says that the case should fit PSU's up to 300mm, which should be enough for the HX1000, but has anyone actually tried fitting a HX1000 into one of the new Lian Li Mid tower cases (PC-60FW or PC-7FW)?

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