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TX650 or TX 750


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I have problems with my current Enermax Noisetake 485W power supply (3 years old), works first time you start up and then after I close down, will start up again but there is no beep & will not load BIOS ect. Only way to resolve the problem is to open the case unplug the power supply for both the main board power and the cpu and take out and reinsert one bank of memory. BIOS has been updated.


I know it is not a current hardware problem (all hardware apart from the PSU is new) as I have had this sporadic problem on three different systems now (all using corsair memory and either Gigabyte or Asus MB's), so the only solution is the PSU. I now want to buy either the TX 650 or 750 but will be adding a second graphics card in the next month, will the TX 650 be sufficient ?

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