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Asus P5QL Pro and Corsair 2x2GB 6400


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I'm having problems starting my system with both RAM modules installed.

My mobo is an ASUS P5QL Pro, and I've updated the bios to the latest version.

Booting with 2GB works fine. Installing both memory modules and powering up halts the system at the initial ASUS screen, it won't even post. I have set the RAM voltage to 2.1 as specified, but otherwise the BIOS settings are default.

With just 2GB installed (any of the 2), all is fine.


Anyone got an idea what settings I could adjust to make this work? Or should I get another brand of RAM?




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The symptom you described would suggest a problem with the MB and I would suggest testing the modules on another known working MB to be sure.

But if either module will run and pass http://www.memtest.org one at a time but locks up when installed together in D/C that would suggest a problem with the MB and or memory controller and I would get it replaced.

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