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16Gb Flash Voyager not recognized?!


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I have recently purchased a 16gb flash voyager from newegg.com. For the first couple weeks it worked amazingly. It was so fast.


Now this week i have been plugging it into my computer and it came up to tell me that USB device is not recognized! I tried a different usb port and it worked. The next day I tried it in that usb port and it did not work.


I have tried it at my school computer with the same results some usb ports worked and others didnt. Now today it wont work on any computer with any usb port! :confused::confused:


The computers I have tried it on are all Windows Xp and a Ubuntu 8.04 computer both 32bit





i shelled out a lot for this flash drive and I thought I would be buying a very very good product.



please help me :confused::(:

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