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HX620 makes high pitch noise


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Hit a problem with my HX620 PSU. It makes high pitch noice in 3D applications.

The source of noise is definetely PSU (tried to assemble my system out of the case and I have no doubts here).

But after playing a bit with settings I've found that noise goes away when I'm turning Vsync on. So, I assume that problem there is somwhere between GPU and PSU.


My system is:

C2D E8500

Zotac GTX260-2 (core 216)


1Tb Samsung

230Gb WD

Corsair HX620


I would like to hear your expert thought on that situation. Who is the main culprit here?


Thanks in advance...

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  • Corsair Employees
If turning on Vsync has an effect on the noise, then I would not suspect that replacing the PSU would resolve your problem. Are you able to test the video card in a different system or test a different PSU in your system to see if you can isolate the problem?
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