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If you believe that any post is in violation of any of these rules, feel free to hit the Report Post button located just above the post in the top right corner. Alternatively, you can PM myself.


is it just me, or has the report button disapeard?

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Hi, I really don't have any problems with the rules themselves but, really, don't you use a spell checker before you post your text. Some of that text is really embaressing. Maybe your not a native english speaking person and hey, that's ok too.

I just hate to read misspelling in a forum's rule list. Its just poor grammer.


PS, I used to live in Winter Park, I love Orlando

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thats not a typo, its spelled P R 0 N with the 0 being a zero (usually) on purpose. its just a colloquial term for porn without actually typing it.

plus it is explained in the rule.


# NO PR0N.

Please, no pornographic material or pointers to it. For those that don’t know what PR0N stands for, switch the “R” and “0” around and you will understand.

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I got a few chuckles from the rules. I tend to scan them unless I see something interesting - then dig deeper. It's nice to see that someone has both a sense of humor and a long history in the "industry."


If everyone read the rules, you'd be able to store the entire forum on a 256KB flash drive.



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I think this post can apply here, if not, I apologize.

I can access every link in bulletin except "How to read CPU-Z". Wonder why is that?:confused:

The message says "..you do not have permition..." What do I need to do to get one?:):

Thank you

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This forum is here for the express purpose of supporting current and future users of Corsair Memory. Please do not discuss competing products or their suppliers by name on this forum, either in a positive light or a negative one. Such posts or threads will be edited or deleted at our discretion. Please contact the makers of that product for help. As stated above, their names are filtered out from public view.


I understand this, and the reason: however what about this nature..


I have an ****** case with a ******, will this work with a Corsair ??

I noticed that some of my System Specs are blotted out, This is something I have never experinced on any other site...


I guess it is because others have abused it?


I like Corsair very much, and am very proud to sport their product in my systems..

but can be a bit hurtfull when I like other stuff too... and am also proud of..


When looking for Ram & Power Supplies at my favorite E-Tailer (********) I always go strait to Carsair's Products, and do not even consider others.

I also highly recomend Corsair Products to Family and Friends, All my systems will have Carsair & ******* Products. the other's are not even considered.. reguardless of price..

And I have posted many links to Corsair Products on other Support Forums like ******* I am Big part of...

So you see, If these other sites did not allow us to post links to Corsair Products, I would stop using their forums...

EX: I am using *******, and am having issues.... which then brings us to, Recomend a High Quality product like ( ******* )

Or, What Ram works with (********) motherboard, Ohh I would use, (*********)'s Ram


I have Sensored out a Manufactuers name on an image I posted about an Idea,

which I am now having second thoughts about the idea all together...

I even had to copy and rename the image, because *********-??.jpg does not exisit in my websites directory...

I find this battle of other manufactuers very anoying and degrading...


No Offense, Just my feelings on the subject..

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There is no battle here and there is no intent to make Corsair customers feel bad. In the past, we have had overzealous members criticizing or slandering other companies on our site. We also occasionally have people that have issues with other brands that come here requesting support. So, the blanket fix is to filter the words.
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