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TW3X4G1333C9DHX BIOS settings


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For a two DRAM module population:

Download Memtest86+ V2.01 from--->

Download CPU-z from--->

Shut the system down. Insert a stick of DRAM in Slot 1 (Closest to the CPU) and slot 3. Restart, Enter your BIOS and Load Setup Defaults. Save Setup Defaults and set to these values:


Enter your BIOS. On the main BIOS screen press Ctrl + F1. You will see the screen flicker. Next select the MB Intelligent Tweaker option. On that screen you will see many additional settings that were not there before.

[b]MIB Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T.)[/b]Robust Graphics Booster = Auto
CPU Clock Ratio = 9
Fine CPU Clock Ratio = +0.0
CPU Host Clock Control = Enabled

Clock Chip Control

CPU Host Clock Control = Enabled
CPU Host Frequency (Mhz) = 333Mhz
PCI Express Frequency = 100Mhz
C.I.A.2 = Disabled

DRAM Performance Control

Performance Enhance = Standard
System Memory Multiplier = 4.0
Hi Speed DRAM DLL Settings = Option 2
DRAM Timing Selectable = Manual
CAS Latency Time = 9
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay = 9
RAS# Precharge = 9
Precharge Delay (tRAS) = 24
ACT to ACT delay = Auto
Bank Write To READ Delay = Auto
Refresh to ACT Delay = 0
Read to Precharge Delay = Auto

System Voltage Control

DDR2 OverVoltage Control = +.2V
PCI-e OverVoltage Control = Normal
(G)MCH OverVoltage Control = +.03
CPU Voltage Control = Auto

Boot to the Memtest ISO. Allow for two full passes and if stable, enter Windows and post a screenshot of CPU-z's CPU, Memory and SPD tabs.

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