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Asus Rampage Extreme and 4GB of CM3X1024-1800C7DIN


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I'm having stability problems when I set the DRAM frequency to anything above 1600MHz. I've tried each module seperately, but putting in the slot nearest the CPU, and always get errors in Memtest86+ when I attempt 1800MHz.


To keep things stable, I'm using timings of 9-9-9-24 @ 1600MHz. However, these modules should easily do 7-7-7-20 @1800MHz? I've tried putting the voltage up to 2.0V and it makes no difference.


Is there anything I can do to get an increase?


These are my current settings with a single module in the slot nearest the CPU:

FSB frequency: 480MHz

CPU Ratio: 7.0

RAM: 800Mhz (DDR1600) / CAS: 9-9-9-24 / Single Channel

DRAM Voltage: 1.799V

DRAM VTT Voltage 0.900V

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You may need to bump up your Northbridge voltage to 1.55v to get the board to run the memory at 1800MHz. I would also suggest using the outer pair of slots on this board. Let us know if you still have the same problems!
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Hi there,

I've since put the 4 memory sticks back in and left Memcheck testing with 1600MHz 9-9-9-24 just to ensure there are no faults with the modules at that speed. There were no errors for 4 hours when I ended the test.


So, I've bumped the NB voltage up to 1.55V and the DRAM frequency to 1800MHz. Within a few minutes of running Memcheck I get errors. This has been tried with times of 9-9-9-24 and 7-7-7-20.



Here's what my settings are in the BIOS:

Memory Level Up: Auto

Ai Overclock Tuner: Auto

CPU Ratio Setting: 7.0

CPU Clock Skew: Auto

NB Clock Skew: Auto

FSB Strap to North Bridge: Auto

DRAM Frequency: DDR3-*1800MHz*

DRAM Command Rate: Auto

DRAM Timing Control: Auto

1st Information: 9-9-9-24-5-88-12-6

2nd Information: 10-6-5-4-7-4-7

3rd Information: 24-8-1-10-10

DRAM Static Read Control: Auto

DRAM Dynamic Write Control: Auto

Ai Clock Twiser: Auto

Ai Transaction Booster: Auto

C/P : A1 A2 | B1 B2

LVL: 08 08 | 08 08

EPU II Phase Control: Auto

CPU Voltage: Auto

Load-Line Calibration: Auto

CPU PLL Voltage: Auto

FSB Termination Voltage: Auto

CPU GTLVref(0): Auto

CPU GTLVref(1): Auto

CPU GTLVref(2): Auto

CPU GTLVref(3): Auto

NB GTLVref: Auto

North Bridge Voltage: 1.55072

DRAM Voltage: 2.00131

NB DDRVref: Auto

DDR3 ChannelA Vref: Auto

DDR3 ChannelB Vref: Auto

South Bridge 1.5 Voltage: Auto

South Bridge 1.06 Voltage: Auto

CPU Spread Specturm: Auto

PCIE Spread Spectrum: Auto



The Voltage Monitor page shows:

Vcore Voltage: 1.303

CPU PLL Voltage: 1.693

FSB Termination Voltage: 1.310

North Bridge 1.25 Voltage: 1.515

DRAM Voltage: 1.998

DRAM VTT Voltage: 0.999

South Bridge 1.05 Voltage: 1.058

South Bridge 1.5 Voltage: 1.508

3.3V Voltage: 3.264

5V Voltage: 4.968

12V Voltage: 12.040



CPU: 41c

MB: 34c

NB: 56c

SB: 39c

POWER: 37c

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  • Corsair Employees
I must have missed the part where you mentioned you have four modules in the system. If you have four modules running stable at 1600MHz, then I would either leave it there, or gradually increase the frequency until you start to see errors. With four modules in the system it is unlikely that you will be able to get the memory running at 1800MHz, due to limitations of the motherboard. You can read more information about this HERE.
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Many thanks for the explanation.


I'll have a good play with it over the weekend and let you know how i get on.


With that in mind, is there a maximum voltage I shouldn't go beyond with the DRAM and North Bridge?

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