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sli ready ram not recognized as sli ready


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I've been successfully running 2gb of corsair dominator twin2x2048-8500c5d @1066 for the last several months on a 780i sli mobo through the sli ready ram feature in the bios. recently I added another 2gb of the exact same ram, which is supposedly sli ready, and now the bios won't recognize it as sli ready. the ram runs fine at 800mhz, (so far) and passes memtest, it just won't easily oc to its advertised 1066 speed through the sli ready feature. Is there some 2gb limitation to corsair sli ready memory? I've got 4gb of 0cz ram running @1066 on a 680i sli mobo. is it the chipset? or a problem with the ram? oh, and registering on this site is absolutely retarded, i know the image verification is necessary, but MAKE IT REASONABLY LEGIBLE!! I SPENT MORE TIME GUESSING WHAT THAT UNREADABLE STRING WAS THAN WRITING THIS COMPLAINT.
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