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I've two sticks of 1gB each of corsair which both seemingly has errors on them [according to memtest]. I've actually got an RMA number for them a few months ago but didn't really get the time to actually ship them to corsair...


So Q#1. Do I need to get a new RMA number, or the one I got a few months ago is still valid? [Are there any issues I should be aware of regarding the fact i'll have multiple RMA numbers for the same RAM?]


Q#2. When I bought the RAM kit, so they were going for over hundred bucks [As all ram sticks were at that time].... and I think the chips were high quality ones made by Micron or some other brand.... The question is - Will the new sticks i'll recieve [iF i'll get new ones instead of getting mine repaired] will have same high quality chips on them? Because from what I understand, the equivlant kit for what I bought, has lesser chips nowdays, hence the lower price...



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If you are getting errors on both modules when tested individually then there may be some other issue, and I would test them in a different system if possible.


You would need to contact our Customer Service to find out if the RMA is still valid. You can contact them at 888-222-4346 and dial "0", (510) 657-8747 or email rmaservice@corsairmemory.com. If for some reason it has expired, then they should be able to reissue an RMA for you.


We can not guarantee what revision of the parts you will receive in return, so the IC on the particular part may be different from what you currently have. We do not change ICs to save money, the ICs that we use are based on what chips are available on the market and what chips we can get to pass at a given spec. Regardless of the IC used on the module, we guarantee that each part number will perform at its advertised settings so it should not make a difference.

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