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PSU Problem?


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I have an HX620.


Having decided to get a GTX 280 some issues have arisen.


I installed the GTX and connected a six pin cable and also the 8 pin hard wired cable with the black connector and yellow wires.


The PC would not post. I assumed the card was DOA and returned it.


I replaced it with a different model and again attached the same cables. No post. This time I used the adapters in the GT 280 box to link x2 4 pin connectors into one 6 pin, and x2 6 pin connectors into one 8 pin. Card works, PC boots, although I have not yet fully tested.


What gives? Is the hard wired 8 pin cable faulty?



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The hard wired 8-pin is your EPS12v connector and should be plugged into your motherboard. This connector should not fit in your PCIE connector on your card and can damage your card if you somehow get it to fit. You will need to use the modular PCIE cables (which should have "PCIE" written on the connector itself). It sounds like you might have an older version of the HX620 that has both an 8-pin and 4-pin EPS12v connector, and you may not have an 8-pin PCIE cable. If this is the case then send an email to jackflash@corsairmemory.com with your name, address, and phone number and we can get you the cables that you need.
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