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HX1000W Fan clicking sound


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I just got the Corsair HX1000W powersupply, as soon as i turn it on I get a loud clicking noise comming from the fan and it gets louder when i turn the system off and the fan slows down. I checked to see if there could be anything in the the path of the fan blades and lossened the screwes for the fan grill and still get the sound + the sound of the fan grill vibrating.


I realy dont want to RMA this so i was thinking of removing the fan grill compeltly but i dont know if that will void my warranty. also Im thinking of using some rubber grommets as spacers to keep the fan from hitting the grill and keep the grill from viberting.


If i can get some help, or any advice on this it would be greatly appriecated.

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