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4GB Dominator in 32 bit systems not covered by warranty?


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doing a new build with an ASUS Rampage Extreme MOBO. I check the Corsair site for the recommended RAM. I choose and purchase the extreme option which is TW3X4G1800C8DF.


I get the memory and there is a sheet inside saying that if I put the 2x2, 4GB memory in a 32 bit OS, it voids the warranty?!


I know that XP will only recognize 3.5GB of the memory.


what is this about? x64 programs and hardware are few and far between, so I have no use for an x64 OS. I want the fastest, most reliable memory I can get, and that has always meant Corsair. Can someone explain this?


the information page regarding this memory says nothing about it only being valid on x64 OS systems. In 10 years of doing PC builds I have never used any memory other than Corsair, and I have never had to return it for a problem-it's rock solid. this is very dissapointing.



thanks very much.

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Unfortunately the insert that you are referring to is incorrect. We are aware of the issue and have since resolved it, but this was not until a large amount of these 4GB kits hit store shelves. The only thing to be aware of is that a 32-bit OS will not be able to detect all 4096MB of memory, you will usually end up with around 3GB depending on your hardware configuration. There is no risk of damaging any components, and your warranty is still 100% valid when using this kit in a 32-bit OS. Sorry for the confusion!
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