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Memory question


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Hi, just been reading through the thread and I have a similar problem. Can you confirm this for me if possible.

Laptop = HP NX9010

Installed Memory @ present =

Crucial CT6464X335.16FG (PC2700)

Samsung PC2100

System works fine at the moment but wanted upgrade the PC2100 to PC2700

Corsair recommend VS512SDS266 (PC2100) + Crucial recommend CT6464X335X (PC2700)

I'm confused as HP says it takes PC2700 am I having the same issue as the guy above (memory density)? The reason being I have 2 X modules of Crucial CT6464X335.8TDY (PC2700) which won't show/boot to bios.


Hope this makes sense.. :bigeyes:

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Split from: http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=69992




The nx9000, nx9010, and the nx9005 notebooks use only DDR266 SDRAM modules. Using the wrong type of module prevents the notebook from booting.


I'd go with what HP says :)

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