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intel extreme xmp??


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Hey corsair,


e8600 everything runs fine,


but wen i pop in de the qx9770 hij won't boot,

with every bios,0301,0501,0601 beta

(qx9770 works on other ddr2 mobo's)


en poster says: DET RAM


is this because i don't have de intel extreme version of my ram?


Thnx in advance,


gr Chris


Sorry about my bad english,

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they don't have to work on 1800/1600mhz


i'l be happy if my memory runs with the qx9770(if he boots)

But de mobo stays saying Detect ram :(


en is buying 1600dhxin not the solution?

(or maybe other spd that has a profile for the 1600 boot)

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