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Isn't VX550W Enough?


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I know you guys get allot of questions about wich PSU is good for me and so on, But i have been searching for my problem for 2 weeks now and..am getting really frustrating.


First my problem is that, when i have my HD4850 Toxic edition on DEFAULT clockspeed which is 675/1100 MHZ, the games that i play will crash after 5 ore 20 mins..but when i have the clockspeed at the lowest, no game will crash. So i tought, mabye the PSU isnt enough to handle my system?


I have checked my GPU and Flashed it and installed all the drivers, included the drivers for ALL my parts that need drivers..so i am fully updated..But it still crash.


At first i played Assasins creed when i just got all my new parts, and the game didnt lagg och crash..it ran smooth..but after a while the problems came when i installed other games such as crysis.


My question is, shouldnt the VX550W handle the HD4850 512 mb Toxic edition on the default clockspeed at 675/1100MHZ?


If it should then something must be wrong with the PSU.

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The VX550 would be more than enough to power your system. From the issues that you describe I would suspect an issue with either the video card itself or the drivers. You may want to test the card in a different system to see if you have the same problems.
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I will test putting my GPU in my friends computer. Just for the record..i have checked the memory with MEMtest, checked the CPU with some stress test, i checked the GPU with Furmark and it didnt crash and stressd the GPU with Video card stability test, and i havn't checked it when i have the CLOCKSPEED at 500/750 mhz..but when i had it on 675/1100 MHZ and started the test, the test lasted 245 min until it crashed, three times now.


So if i put the card in my friends computer and it works fine there ( he has the corsair 750 W)


Is my PSU the problem then?

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Hey i put my Sapphire HD 4850 Toxic card in my friends Computer ( he has a VX750 W and slight better specs than mine) no games crashed and he could play Crysis pretty smooth. with the defualt clockspeed at 675/1100


I put his Asus HD4870 512 mb Card in my computer ( needs 2 pci-e cables) i ran World in conflict that allways crashes when i have my on card at defualt settings. It didnt crash, i overclocked the GPU and it still didnt crash, tested with other games and it didnt crash..but i still lagg in crysis..cant figure it out why it does that.


But the thing is when i have my own Card, the games crash when i have on defualt settings, but in my friends computer it didnt crash..


cant think that this is a PSU problem but does somone know what the problem is?

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