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Did my new RAM cause my system to crash


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Someone please take a look at my speccs and tell me if the RAM i have installed is right for my system, because a couple of weeks after i installed them my new computer broke down and i have been utterly incapable of restoreing it since so now i sent it back to where i bought it. I am quite sure it has been caused by my new RAM since i have later discovered that my motherboard apparently only supports upto 1.8V and the new RAM are 2.10V and also 1066mhz which also does not seem to be supported by my motherboard, or i could be wrong or misreading the speccs. try looking up my RAM and motherboard and tell me what you think please.
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google is your friend ;):




load setup defaults in the bios, save and exit.


now re enter bios and set dram voltage to +0.3 volts

and make sure you set the timings to 5-5-5-15.

and dram speed to DDR1066

save and exit bios.


Run Memtest and run 2 full passes!


please post cpu-z screenshots (of memory tab) if succesfull.



(if any errors should occur during memtest, test one module at the time, using different slots)


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Thanks for the speedy reply,once i get it back i'll give it a try. but that still dont answer my question if they could have been the cause of the system faliure that i had last week, although it does seem very likely since my motherboard apparently only support 800mhz and the RAM has 1066mhz.

would you agree? or am i missing something?

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if you havent done anything in the bios prior to this, then the modules would most likey have been running at 800mhz anyway.


im afraid that the only way to find out is to test the modules with memtest.


but it could have just as easily been a driver thats bugging you ;):

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