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PowerSupply (650TX) Exploded (I think)


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First boot attempt, a giant blue spark and loud pop was emitted near the powersupply and the room filled with the pungent odor of burnt hardware. The next day I disconnected everything and reconnected it with the exception of the fans to the motherboard (Meaning the motherboard has no control over the fans, which I set to always run on high). My system powered up, however it now randomly freezes (even at POST and BIOS, before Vista was installed). It seems once it freezes, the subsequent lockups come even sooner. I've not be able to keep the system on for more than 45 minutes. I highly suspect the Powersupply to be the source of the problem and I plan to get it replaced through the warranty, but I wanted to know whether someone else thinks that these symptoms actually point to the powersupply.
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