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Striker with 6400C4DHX

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Ok, i've had the striker for a bit and TWIN2X4096-6400C4DHX 2gig sticks. Im planing on bumping it up to 4 of these and running xp64 or going to vista 64 (not sure as to the games i play dont like vista Falcon for one)


anyrate, I dont have these set to 4-4-4-12 2.1volt timings and would like to set this board up to use these at there max.


can someone point me in the right direction?


oh and could i add the 4gig kit to make it 6gigs? dont know if i should do that or just get another set of 2gigs and be done at 4, figured i would ask.

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I advise you not to go with a four DRAM slot population. Many issues can arise with such a population.


Enter your BIOS and set:


tCL (CAS Latency) : 4
tRCD : 4
tRP : 4
tRAS : 12
Command Per Clock (CMD) : 2 clock (2T)

Memory Voltage :2.1v


Keep in mind that if you decide to populate all four DRAM slots, you are advised to drop the bandwidth one bin and raise the memory controller voltage to 1.45v.

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ok, so get the 4gig kit and sell the 2gig kit. no biggy there. I will give this a try after the game.


So the striker doest like 4 sticks?


Actually this is an issue across the board (no pun intended).


Please research this thread:




Montreal game? Habs lose . . .

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