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Can I finally use my TWIN2X2048-6400 G?

Max Edison

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I need some help here. I posted on this forum about 6 months ago as I had bought corsair ram to upgrade a Gateway pc. Turned out the ECS stock board would not let me change the voltage and I got all kinds of errors. I went Back to using the stock 2 Gigs and kept the 4 gigs for later use. Now I am building my first PC and have these 4 gigs here waiting for my new MB. I bought 4 Gigs of CM2X1024-6400


1 set (2 gig) is XMS6405 V5.1

1 set (2 gig) is XMS6405 V 2.5


The PC parts I ordered are an Intel quad Q9550 and a




I need any advice on installing. Meaning is one of these sets better than the other? should one set be placed in certain slots. Will this new board set the correct volatage without me having to do it. Just any advice before the parts get here would be greatly appreciated!


BTW I went to the Gigabyte site and it does say it will take CM2X1024-6400C4, My Ram package and sticks do not include the C4. Is there a difference?

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Download Memtest86+ Version 2.01 from--->Here

and extract the ISO image. Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk.

Download CPU-z from Here.


It is never advised nor is it supported to mix and match modules versions. This does not mean that they will not work together, just that it is not supported or advised. I would advise you (had you not had them) to purchase a two module kit of 4GB. It is also advised to drop the bandwidth and increase the memory controller (motherboard) voltage if you wish to populate all four DRAM slots. Please research this thread:




and the subthread:




So, let's get to your system. Shut the system down. Insert a single stick of DRAM in Slot 1 (Closest to the CPU). Restart, Enter your BIOS and Load Setup Defaults. Save Setup Defaults and set to these values:


Enter your BIOS. On the main BIOS screen press Ctrl + F1. You will see the screen flicker. Next select the MB Intelligent Tweaker option. On that screen you will see many additional settings that were not there before.


[b]MIB Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T.)[/b]Robust Graphics Booster = Auto
CPU Clock Ratio = 8.5
Fine CPU Clock Ratio = +0.0
CPU Host Clock Control = Enabled

Clock Chip Control

CPU Host Clock Control = Enabled
CPU Host Frequency (Mhz) = 333Mhz
PCI Express Frequency = 100Mhz
C.I.A.2 = Disabled

DRAM Performance Control

DRAM Timing Selectable = Manual

CAS Latency Time = 5
tRCD = 5
tRP = 5
tRAS = 15

Motherboard Voltage Control

CPU Vcore = Auto
CPU Termination = Auto
CPU PLL = Auto
CPU Reference = Auto
MCH Core = Auto
MCH Reference = Auto
ICH I/0 = Auto

Performance Enhance = Standard
System Memory Multiplier = 2.0
Hi Speed DRAM DLL Settings = Option 2
DRAM Timing Selectable = Manual
CAS Latency Time = 5
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay = 5
RAS# Precharge = 5
Precharge Delay (tRAS) = 15
ACT to ACT delay = Auto
Bank Write To READ Delay = Auto
Refresh to ACT Delay = 0
Read to Precharge Delay = Auto

[b]System Voltage Control[/b]
DDR2 OverVoltage Control = +.2V
PCI-e OverVoltage Control = Normal
(G)MCH OverVoltage Control = +.03
CPU Voltage Control = Auto


Boot to the Memtest CD and allow two full passes. Shut the system down and insert the second stick in Slot 3 and retest. Then insert the third stick in slot 2 and retest. Finally insert the fourth stick in slot 4 and retest.


You can, if you wish, after the first stick and BIOS settings, insert a second, third and fourth stick and then test. If you have errors though, then you would do well to test as previously mentioned.


The above will set your DRAM speed to 667Mhz and will allow for stability in the long term. C4 is a timing difference that allows for a quicker response on the load and access of the DRAM pages. Other than that, there will be no difference.



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Thanks for the advice,


I think with a major CPU and MB upgrade, I should get some faster better matched ram. Any Corsair suggestions that will work with this new



I have also bought the following so far


Antec PSU 650

Antec Case


Intel Q9550 quad stepping 0 (they say this version will be good for OC)

The Gigabyte p45 Board

Vista 32 bit Utimate


Now i don't want to hold the system back with the Ram, so I'm thinking for now 4GIG of 2Gigs each

Here is the MB Memory Compatibility list, I see the

2GB CORSAIR CM2X2048-8500C5D DS listed and at New Egg (where I buy everything) they have a good deal on TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF


Again we are 1 letter off! Gigabytes listing does not that the "F" at the end???? What does the F mean, is this a different product? I hope someone can answer this soon, as I want to get this ordered this weekend as the New Egg deal has free shipping and a nice fan. With New Egg, one day there is free shipping and the next not. So does the New Egg part# = the number on the vendor list?


This is the MB compatabiltiy list

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Thanks for the fast reply, last question


New Egg has these Dominators




Venor list ok's these

2GB CORSAIR CM2X2048-8500C5D


Only difference is the 4096 vs 2048, I would assume these would work, maybe the vendor did not test this size?


I think I will go with the Dominators unless I see different here, they seem to have much better reviews

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Thanks man,


Just ordered these,


Anything to keep in mind to get my first build going without issues? is there something I should read here about how to install these in a new build, or is it as simple as just put em in and fireup,


Sorry I know that's another question

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