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Regarding a 750tx PSu that had a bad voltage reading and a review I left on New Egg, , Corsair replied that voltage monitoring is notoriously untrustworthy and that i have a bad motherboard. My response is: How the hell come my montoroing showed two Antecs to be good on the voltage in question, the -12 volt rail, but no Corsair PSU does? If it's the MB, then how come my MB ran for 3 years on the Antec until the PSU wore out, but only 3 months with the Corsair until four sticks of my ram took a ****. How come my MB is running fine with new RAM and another power supply? The -12 volts goes to the MB. The MB supports the RAM. If I have a bad voltage going to the MB why should I suspect my MB when it has been running fine until I got this PSU with bad voltage? This is not the only one to be bad. there were 2 Corsairs new that had the bad voltage, the worst in cact, the furthest below specs, some .4 volts with the one that took my RAM out. A Thermaltake was just below specs and so is a Seasonic. Like I said, only Antecs register good with this voltage and only antecs have kept my computer running for any length of time. When I switched to the other PSUs with the bad voltage, bad **** started happening. I think Corsair is unrealiable junk. Check out the bad reviews for the 750tx on New Egg, they are abundant and include smoking and fire. And though 2 Corsairs show up prominently on the Silent Power rankings, the 750 doesn't show at all.
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Just to clear up a few things...


The -12 volt rail does not power any major components in your system, and is often incorrect when looking at software or even BIOS readings.


If the -12 volt rail was -11.6v (-.4v), then the rail is well within spec. You can find detailed ATX specifications here. You will find that the -12v rail needs to be within 10% of -12v to be in spec, which would mean it should read between -10.8v and -13.2v. (this information is on page 12)


There are many different versions of the ATX spec, our PSUs are backwards compatible back to ATX12v 2.01. Motherboard or software voltage monitors may be designed to read a particular spec, and if the PSU is a newer or older spec, then the readings can be off, which should explain why certain PSUs give you different results when looking at your monitoring software. The only way to get an accurate reading would be to use a digital multimeter.



Here are your posts from Newegg, let me see if I can explain why our representative suggested there might be a problem with the motherboard.

This PSU is Junk


Pros: none


Cons: It came defective. The 12-volt rail was below spec by some .2 volts according to my hardware monitoring. I used it anyway and then my entire computer failed a few months later. My RAM is totally cooked and possibly my ROM drives.


Other Thoughts: This is the second expensive new PSU I got with a problem on the -12 volt rail. The other was a Thermaltake. Also, two Antec I got run right at the south border of the tolerance for the -12 leg. I suspect that all of the manufacturers are skimping on components on the -12 volt rail. I also suspect that most people aren't aware of it because they buy their computers instead of build them and don't have voltage monitoring like I do. All in all, I think it is safest to stick with the PSU that came with the pre-made computer. I think they are more reliable than the bigger, more expensive aftermarket junk.


Manufacturer Response:Software based voltage monitoring is notoriously inaccurate and is not a reliable diagnostic tool. Please contact technical support as it sounds as if you may have some issue other than PSUs.


TS: 888-222-4346


External Link(s):



This is the second one that is junk


Pros: None


Cons: this supply measures .2 v. below spec on the -12-volt rail according to my PSU monitoring. I made the mistake of running my mahcine on the last one with the same problem and wound up with dead ram and who-know-what other problems. I will not make this mistake again. i will never by a Corsair power supply.


Manufacturer Response:Software voltage monitoring is notoriously unreliable. Your issue sounds like a bad MOBO. Please contact technical support or use our forums.


TS: 888-222-4346


External Link(s):




Even if your software readings are correct, both PSUs are well within ATX specifications, and based upon what I have mentioned above, I would have no reason to believe that the PSU is killing your memory. It is very unlikely that four memory modules would all fail at the same time with the same problems. Its possible that the PSU could have harmed the memory, but its not likely that the PSU would ONLY damage the memory if it was indeed defective.


There are overvoltage and overcurrent protection circuits in all of our PSUs, which would prevent the PSU from damaging any components in your system if a rail were to go out of spec. If somehow the OVP or OCP were to fail, then you would likely have a dead motherboard as well. The motherboard regulates voltage to the components in your system, and if four modules spontaneously failed, then its possible that there is a voltage regulation problem with the board, among other things.


If you still have the Corsair memory, please tell us the part number and we can help you either troubleshoot the problem, or replace the memory for you if they are indeed faulty/damaged. If by chance you received a PSU from us that was not working properly then we would also want to replace it, however nothing that you have said either here or on NewEgg would lead me to believe that the PSU is not working properly. We are not trying to pass the blame to some other component, and we have no problem replacing our own hardware under our warranty. Based on the information you have provided we were trying to help you isolate the problem.


If you have any questions please let us know, and you can also give us a call directly in tech support at 800-205-7657 and we would be happy to help clear this up for you. Our hours are Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:30pm.

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