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Expected fast Voyager GT 16GB, and got slow one, frustrated


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My test results:

1 big file read - 30MB/s

1 big file write - 9MB/s

a lot of small files read - 19MB/s

a lot of small files write - <1MB/s

What the fu*king matter with Corsair flashes? !!!!!!!!!! :eek:

This 16GB GT thing was my last experiment with Corsair flashes. I'm feed up. I think any barely known manufacturer is better chois than Corsair. At least you know what are you paying for.


What I need to do at this point? Send flash from Europe to USA for replacement? And who will pay a postal charges? Furthermore this would take a long time :!:

To go to my seller and ask him to change flash is not good idea because he adviced me to buy other fast flash but I persisted in Corsair Voyager GT. And most likely he would be able to exchange it to the same characteristics one.


I did this:

1. Format E: /FS:FAT32 /U

2. HDBENCH 3.40 Beta6

and results are as attached.


What the next step? :confused:


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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry I do not have the answer for that I would suggest contacting our customer service at 888-222-4346 or 510-657-8747 Ext “3” or send them an email (rmaservice@corsairmemory.com) with your RMA# and ask them for the status!
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