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Vcore Ripple - HX-1000


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Q9650, eVGA 790i FTW Digital Version


Vcore set to 1.32500.

FSB 450x4 (1800)


Noticing the following (and I've upped down the bus and vcore to test)


BIOS shows vcore as 1.28

CPU-Z shows the vcore ripple between 1.312 and 1.304 and the bus will bounce up and down. 1.29 under light processor work (browsing, opening email, etc.) 1.25 to 1.26 under load heavy


Now of course I've seen minor fluctuations through CPU-Z in the past, mainly on the bus speed (ie 1780.1 to 1780.3 or something) but not this much on the vcore.


Is that much of a bounce OK?

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Voltage is never going to be exact or constant, minor fluctuation is normal. In your case it looks like everything should be fine. Also, keep in mind that the motherboard is what regulates your CPU voltage, your CPU uses the 12v rail on the PSU.
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