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VS1GB333 in eMachines T3256...


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I have an eMachines T3256 that is a few years old but still working fine. It only has two memory slots, and has 2 x 512MB memory in it now. I purchased 2 x Corsair VS1GB333, and there is some compatibility problem. Either DRAM installed in either slot is seen as 256MB instead of 1GB. This is seen this way from the BIOS and in Windows. There doesn't appear to be any BIOS setting that I can get to that will allow me to change anything.


I did some web searching, and some searching on this site, and there are vague references to maybe having to clear the CMOS or update the BIOS or use a different DRAM, but nothing definitive. Is there any known compatibility issue, and/or what should I do to get my system to take the new DRAMs correctly?

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