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What PSU? Now 4870, later maybe Crossfire.

Guust Flater

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I want to buy the following PC (in specs). It is possible that I buy in the future an other 4870 to use crossfire!


What PSU should I buy?


The VX550, TX650 or TX750? (I don't need a modular PSU.)



If we look at the connectors, then the choice is easy, namely the TX750. But I think that I 'll have an idle load of less then 20% of 750W with one 4870. Is that a problem?


Maybe there still is the same problem (<20%) with the TX650. And how to get 4x PCI-E 6 PIN?


So maybe the VX550 now, and the TX650 or TX750 when crossfire, but that is an expensive solution.


Thank you for helping me!

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Thank you RAMGUY for the fast reaction! :):



Isn't the idle load of less than 20% of the total power a problem?

We don't see that area on the efficiency chart. http://www.corsair.com/_images/charts/tx750w_efficiency.jpg


It can take more then a year before I'll use crossfire. (Or maybe never) So I guesse I 'll first have an idle load of approximate 100W (= 13% total power TX750).

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