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MSI P45 Diamond & TW3X2G1600C9DHX Memory


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I don't know if you can do it with a Q6600 and a 9X multiplier. You need to run the FSB at 400Mhz to reach 1600Mhz on the DRAM. With that CPU 400 X 9 = 3.6Ghz and quite a few Q6600's don't make that transition. You may have to drop the multiplier to 8 and move to 400 X 8 = 3.2GHz CPU and 1600Mhz DRAM. That's where I would first try.


Download Memtest86+ V2.01 from--->

Download CPU-z from

Enter BIOS and load these values:

Advanced BIOS Features

Cell Menu

DOT Control = Disabled
Intel EIST = Disabled
Adjust CPU FSB Frequency = 400MHz (1600Mhz QDR)
Adjust CPU Ratio = 8

Advanced DRAM Configuration = Manual

Memory Clock = 1600

Memory Timings = Manual
DRAM CAS# Latency (tCL) = 9
DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay (tRCD) = 9
DRAM RAS# Precharge (tRP) = 9
DRAM RAS# Active to Precharge (tRAS) = 24
DRAM tRFC = Auto
DRAM tWR: Auto
DRAM tWTR = Auto
DRAM tRRD = Auto
DRAM tRTP = Auto
1N/2N Memory Timing = 2N

FSB/Memory Ratio = 1:2.0
Adjust PCI-e Frequency = 100Mhz
Auto Disable DIMM/PCI Frequency = Enabled
CPU Voltage = Auto
Spread Spectrum = Enabled
Memory Voltage = 1.80v 
MCH Voltage: 1.3v
FSB VTT Voltage = Auto


Shut the system down. Insert a single stick of DRAM into the first slot (closest to the CPU). Boot to the Memtest CD and allow for two full passes. If you pass, then shut the system down and insert the same stick in the third slot. Retest. Then test the same stick in the second, then fourth slot. You have now tested one stick and all slots.


Then insert a stick in slot 1 and slot 3 Retest. Finally insert a stick in slot 2 and slot 4, retest.


You have now tested both sticks, all slots and both dual channels.



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Thanx Man I Came Right Anyways Was Playing Around With The Settings, Not Used To MSI Motherboards Normally Used Asus, Mem Test Passed And Did A Stability Test For 24 Hours @ 3.6Ghz


Well done. You must have a good cooler and a B fab Q6600. Most A Fabs do not easily make 3.6 unless you throw a large amount of voltage through them and then the run far too warm.


I also do not work with MSI normally.

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