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stryker extreme or bloodiron?


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hello again,

i have a pair of TWIN2X2048-6400C3DF G on their way back from RMA and i have 2 C2Q6600 systems in the title.

i know they work fantastic in the bloodiron since thats where the were for 4 months prior to RMA BUT.. i have a stryker extreme board as well and the pair of ball- tracers in it now but i cant get over 3.0 Ghz stable regardless of timings.

i have a pair of dominator 8500's in the bloodiron i bought as an emergency replacement and have no problems @ 3.6Ghz there but im torn as to which system will benefit from the C3 ram that will soon rejoin my fleet. i dont mind running at 4,4,4 timings or even 5,5,5 to help achieve this from the C3 ram


i guess im asking this because neither board officially supports this ram according to the compatability configurator on this site unless the chart only shows currently manufactured ram?


fwiw, the bloodiron is watercooled and i do use the neat fan that came with the ram. i'd like to try for a 4.0Ghz overclock on either one or at least over 3.77 http://liquidninjas.com/bbs/showpost.php?p=121572&postcount=110

and a 16,156 3dmark06


sorry this is a 2 subject post but at this time im more interested in which board is more compatible with the C3 ram. once i know ill repost about settings in the enthusiasts forum. i just wanted to plant a seed so you know my intentions.


also i never ran the C3 over 2.2-2.3v even though its spec'd at 2.4v


thank you if you understand any of my ramblings here:)

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I wish I could help you with this but although I have worked on both boards, I have not used those 6400C3 chips. I have worked with Micron D9 and Stryker Extreme and found the board was not all that appreciative of the lower timings. Also, the memory controller (MCP/SPP) needed to be raised with the Micron D9s. I only used PSC 8500C5's with the BloodIron. I posted this more as a bump than anything as I know I have not answered your questions.
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thanx RG, i never went over 2.2v and they are rated at 2.4v

also i always use the fan, its great!


if i want/need to run at 2.4v i would watercool them. the ram was RMA'd the first time about 2 years ago and died at 2.4v with the fan!


even then i dont think i could bring myself to attempt to remove the heatsinks, other than voiding the warrantee im sure i would break something anyway. the DHX cooling is a real effective design, no need to reinvent the wheel!


i guess ill try them in the stryker board, the bloodiron seems very happy with the pair of 8500 Doms and the striker just barely holds its own with the ball stick tracers. time for an upgrade ;)

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