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corsair hx520 12v dropping


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Hi, I have had your 520hx for about 8 months now only had a few crashes when playing games so i never really payed much attention to it, but lately i have been doing some overclocking on my cpu and gpu.I have an e8400 @ 4ghz and an 8800gt at 720/990. So now sometimes when i play games like css and tf2 i have been getting lockups even though in orthos prime stress i can go without errors for 8 hours+. I think this problem is because the 8800gt is not getting enough juice since on HWmonitor the 12v rail drops to like 11.14v when being stressed with rthdribl, which i find unexceptable. the 3.3v and 5v rails look ok since they dont drop as much, but can you give me some advice?




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