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Corsair, Asus and... reset in loop.


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Hi, after looking for something like my case I decided to write a new threed.


I've bought last week a new PC (in specs). Since I've assembled everything I have this problem:


The machine starts normally, but everytime I push the reset button or it resets itself, for example after saving Bios parameters, It goes in loop to reset until I leave the power manually from bottom.


After 1 day I saw on the user manual that those memory not are compatible with the P5Q SE/R so I bought another kind of Corsair: the Dominator (that are printed on the user manual like compatible memory of 1066)


The problem is the same, nothing is changed.

More, I've tried anyway to install Windows XP PRO but after the copy of the first files (before the Windows installer goes in graphic mode) it report many kind of errors like IRQ Less or INEQUAL and others...


May be that Corsair memory couses these problems or the mobo is broken... or I don't know what...


Can you help me with your suggestion?


PS Bios was stored to default and changed optimizing the memory standard value... but nothing matter...

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How many DRAM modules have you installed?


For a two stick solution.


Download and install the latest BIOS for that board (P5Q SE/R BIOS 0601):


http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-usEnter your BIOS and set to these values:


AI Overclock Tweaker


Configure System Performance Settings

Ai Overclock Tuner = Manual

FSB Strap to Northbridge = 333

DRAM Frequency = DDR2-1066


DRAM Timing Control = Manual

CAS# Latency = 5

DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay = 5

DRAM RAS# Precharge = 5

DRAM RAS# Active to Precharge = 15

Row Refresh Cycle Time = 55

All else to Auto


DRAM Static Read Control = Auto

DRAM Read Traning = Auto

Mem OC Charger = Auto

AI Clock Twister = Auto

AI Transaction Booster = Auto

CPU Voltage = Auto

FSB Termination Voltage = Auto

Memory Voltage = 2.1v

North Bridge Voltage = 1.35v

South Bridge Voltage = Auto

Load-Line Calibration = Auto

CPU GTL Reference = Auto

CPU Spread Spectrum = Disabled

PCIE Spread Spectrum = Disabled


Legacy USB = Disabled


Download memtest from--->

and extract the ISO image. Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk. Shut your system down, insert a single stick in Slot 1 (Closest to the CPU) and boot to the Memtest CD and allow for for two full passes, then (If Stable), remove the first stick and insert the second stick in Slot 1. Repeat the Memtest. Then insert a single stick in slot 3. Repeat memtest. Finally insert one stick in Slot 1 and the second stick in Slot 3. Repeat the Memtest.



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