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Corsair HX620 High Pitched Whine


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I bought a HX620 power supply, and while its really quiet it makes a high pitched electrical whine noise in certain situations which is really annoying.


Couple of examples.


- When viewing certain webpages, when you scroll the mouse it makes this sound.


- When playing a game. On the menu option screen (Half-Life 2 CS) it makes a constant high pitched sound.


- In Windows Vista when you select Windows Dreamscene as a background (moving image) it also makes the whine sound.


These just some of the examples, none of them should tax the PSU in any way.


I have checked all my cables and reseated the graphics card. The noise is definitely coming from the rear of the PSU, by the vent at the back.


I've tried a friend's Enermax 625w Modu+ PSU and it doesn't have the same problem.


I'm stuck at what could be causing this.


Thanks for any help.

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