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1 stick bad? - no memtest errors (TWIN2X4096-6400C5)


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I believe that one of my sticks is defective but since I dont get any errors in memtest I am not sure. I notice the problem when I try to run stress test programs: Orthos (blend) and OCCT. Both programs halt within a few seconds.

When I test the sticks separately one stick is working fine but the other is causing errors right away.


I have tried both sticks in two different computers with the same results (one stick is ok, the other causes errors).


Computer 1

Gigabyte EP35-DS3 (latest bios)

Intel E5200

Win XP 32 bit


Computer 2

Asus P5b (latest bios)

Intel E6400

Win XP 32 bit


(I have set the memory voltage to 1.9)


I have not run memtest for more than 2 passes, do I need to let it run longer?

Are there any more settings I shall try?

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