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Hi, have very recently bought and installed TW3X4G2000C9DF (2 x 2gb) At the moment, my CPU is 4.0Ghz, this is on a x8 multiplier, FSB on 1600, RAM on 2000Mhz and my FSB - memory clock mode is on auto. The only volts adjusted is the RAM which is set to 1.9V. The system seems stable but my concern is the "FSB - memory clock mode is on auto" should this be set to unlinked / linked ? Ive tried x8 multiplier with FSB at 2000 with RAM at 2000 and all volts on auto, it wouldn't even post, however, if I try the same multiplier with 1800mhz FSB and RAM all auto volts, it posts but only gives me 3.6Ghz. Am still new at this and any tips/ helpful suggestions would be great.


P.s Hello all :D:

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