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Parts finally arrived, weird CORE temps on my quad....

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I will be overlocking this q9650 cpu, right now a thermalright ultra 120 extreme is cooling this.


my temps are as follows


core1 24c

core2 23c

core3 38c

core4 32c


why would core 3 be off the chart? I need to get these pretty much even before I start to OC


I used the Diamond 7 Carrat thermal paste in a straight line across the cores.


Thanks for any help.



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This is quite common actually. My QX9650 had one core greater than 12C than all other cores. Actually, my first QX9650 had two stuck sensors. Sent back to Intel for RMA and new one had one core greater than 12C. I found that when I tested with Prime95, the cores were better.




Note the Minimum temperatures showing 34/46/35/28. Then when stress tested these numbers moved to 61/66/61/61 so you see that there was some movement between the cores that showed better comparisons, although still not great.


Since the sensors were not stuck on this chip, I did not move to RMA. Rather I just sold it.

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Sweet thanks Derek, I ran 5 passes of prime95 and the temps are as follows according to:


core temp


core 1 45

core 2 44

core 3 48

core 4 45




core 1 40

core 2 38

core 3 42

core 4 40


How do those temps look to you? In line for what a q9650 should be?


The results with both of these programs are pretty varied, not sure which one to believe.


Thank you again,




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