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XFX 790i - TWIN3X4096-1600C7DHX - Intermittent Boot


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Hi Guys, I believe this is all the information you require :


XFX 790i Ultra SLi, Bios = version latest (p07)

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 Socket 775 2.66GHz 1333FSB 6MB Cache

TWIN3X4096-1600C7DHX (4GB total, 2 x 2048MB)

Tagan 800W PSU


Problem :


Every other time I attempt to boot the machine, the motherboard beeps at code 26 (Init onboard clock generator and sensor) and then doesn't boot. If I soft reboot a few times the machine then eventually comes up and is stable for an unlimited amount of time.


Can somebody please confirm what the correct settings are for my memory, I am currently running it at 7 -7 - 7 - 20 - AUTO 2T.


Advanced Memory Settings :


tRRD 5

tRC 40

tWR 12

tWTR 18

tFAW 25

tREF 7.7uS

tRFC 72


FSB Memory Clock Mode [unlinked]

FSB (QDR) MHz 1333.3

MEM (DDR) MHz 1600.0


System Voltages


CPU Core 1.17V


Memory 1.500V

nForce SPP 1.30V

nForce MCP 1.500


Thanks for your help in advance!

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Linked? If they're linked you can't set them seperately.


No fix so far. Any other ideas?



Of course you can't set them separately when you are linked since the 400 and 1600 are linked. I was stating the values that the linking will bring.


At any rate, this issue sounds like a mainboard problem. You can try to raise the Northbridge and see if this brings a boot stability.


  • Memory = 1.6v
  • nForce SPP = 1.40V
  • nForce MCP = 1.7v


But I doubt it as the issue applies more to mainboard BIOS than it does DRAM.

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