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HX620 blew up again.


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I'm back, and disappointed. My replacement HX620 blew up on me today, albeit more dramatically than last time.


Just my luck, after installing a new case fan today, I thought I would fire it up and see how quite it was with the case door off. I put the wall plug on first (with surge protection) and then, as I flicked the rear switch I got a loud bang, accompanied with orange sparks flying out of the fan grill, lower right corner. (nearest to the power cables)


I can detail this so specifically because I was right next to it when it happened, and the orange sparks showered over my arm...


Obviously I'm a little shocked to say the least, but it doesn’t look like I’ve received any injury from the hot sparks thankfully.


So this will be my second RMA request please, which I expect my postage to be paid for.


Powers invested, I wish I could just get a full refund and be done with this PSU, but you probably aren’t allowed to do that. Still, I hope you understand my anxieties about corsairs power supplies from my experience.

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