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GUESS I better keep my mobo and not upgrade too expensive for new ram...:cool:


I would not make the move unless you are an enthusiast who is bored with his hardware and wants to play, otherwise there is no reason to move.


We are also finding issues with the Intel i7 (Nehalem) which do not show the advances that would make a move acceptable.


The difference between DDR2 and DDR3 at this time is minimal in real terms and mostly theoretical. To put it in laymans terms, who cares if the four lane highway can accept 12,000 cars per hour if there will never be more than 7,000 cars per hour at any time and that is only at peak hours. Usually there is only 5,000 cars per hour making use of the highway.


Such is the situation with DRAM at this time. I will be moving to DDR3 soon, but only because I am bored and am selling my hardware so that I can play again. As far as performance increases, there is not a great degree of change.

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