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8GB Voyager Mini! Where to buy?


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I've searched high and low for one of these after seeing the review on Hexus.net. For the life of me I can't find anywhere to buy one!


I searched Google and came up with one very shady looking website.


I went through the entire Distributors list on Corsair.com and they all have the 4GB but no 8GB.


So I've finally all but given up and I registered here to see if maybe someone can help me find a place to buy one.


I'd get one of the other 8GB models but I really like how small and convenient this looks. I plan to use it to store software tools for virus cleanups and just other odds and ends I'd rather not have on my work PC like I do currently.


I figured I'd check here before I start looking for a different small 8GB flash drive.

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