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Corsairs config says PC2100 but HP says PC2700 ???


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Hello RAM Guy,


I am looking to do a RAM upgrade from 512 mb to 1 gig on my HP ze4560us Laptop, currently it has an came with 2 256 PC2100 Ram 200 pin SODIMM's


Upon using your configuration it recommends two of the VS512SDS266 modules which is are PC2100 sticks but when I go to HP's site: http://www.shopping.hp.com/can/notebook/notebook_hp/memory/1/accessories (sorry I couldn't get a better link as everything after that was pop up window) they recommend two PC2700 modules


I'm probably best off with the ones you recommend as I've always used Corsair memory and I really trust you guys but I just thought ask if going with the PC2700 would be possible an or better or not?


And if not if you could explain to me a bit as to why, I would really appreciate it as I really need to get the most out of this machine as I can as it's kinda hurtin from age so if I could get a little more with the 2700 I would rather go with that.


Thanks alot.

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  • Corsair Employees

I have already answered you in another post please stop double posting the same basic question.


Please look up your system on our memory configurator and only use the memory that was suggested. Using a faster module may not work or run properly and would not be suggested. If your system is not listed I would suggest using the memory that was suggested from the manufacturer.

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